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‘Paws’ for Thanksgiving

Hello everybody! Daddy said that we should give pause to reflect  on how fortunate we all are to have each other to love. So, I said “goodie”! Lets give OUR paws to everyone! And so we did! Happy Turkey Day from all us turkeys! This story is reprised from:  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2009 We hope […]



Ryan– you have a Dental Appointment on July 15th… Well, Ryan– here we are for your dental appointment. Look for Dr. Elza, Ryan.  There she is – she is on the top floor.   Isn’t this lobby pretty, Ryan?  Look at the lovely flowers  and the beautiful piano. Wanna’ take a drink of water from […]


Food for Thought

Ryan– Pinkie– come See This…  One of Our Facebook Friends is Talking about Space Food!! ….*SURPRISE*…. Space Food, Ryan! Space Food that is also Ice Cream! Here’s One for Pinkie! Ah–– Pinkie… Maybe you want to Try it First?! Oh– that’s O.K., Ryan… you go Right on Ahead! C’mon, guys! It’s *REAL* Ice Cream…  that […]


Spaced-Out Ryan (A Two-Part Story)

What are you doing, Ryan? I’m Learning About Rockets, Dad. It’s time for bed, Ryan.  You’re still researching about rockets? Yes, Daddy.  I’m Really Interested in How Rockets Work. O.K., Ryan.  Let’s explore rocketry– just like we explored flying airplanes…   Good morning, Ryan!  I have a pleasant surprise for you. I found a mailing […]