Spaced-Out Ryan (A Two-Part Story)

What are you doing, Ryan?

I’m Learning About Rockets, Dad.
It’s time for bed, Ryan.  You’re still researching about rockets?
Yes, Daddy.  I’m Really Interested in How Rockets Work.
O.K., Ryan.  Let’s explore rocketry– just like we explored flying airplanes…

Good morning, Ryan!  I have a pleasant surprise for you.
I found a mailing tube… and here is some cardboard box material that the nice lady 
at the Hallmark Card store gave me when I explained that we wanted to 
make fins to build a model rocket.
Daddy–– it’s SO BIG!
You’re right, Ryan.  Our mailing tube may be Too Big!
We can cut it down a bit so that it is better proportioned
for our model rocket.
This is Exciting, Daddy!  Thanks!!
What do we Do First, Dad?
How many fins should our rocket have, Ryan – 3 or 4?
Four, Daddy!
O.K.  Our cardboard box will unfold into six individual sides.
How Large is Each Side of our cardboard box material, Ryan?
It’s 4 inches by 6 inches, Daddy.
How Tall should we Make the Fins, Dad?
Well– I researched and I found out that the fins should be 1/4 (one fourth)
of the height of the rocket, Ryan.

So – how tall should our rocket model be if our largest fin size is 6″, Ryan?
Four times 6 inches, Daddy.  
Correct, Ryan.  6″+6″+6″+6″ = 24″ tall for our model rocket.
I’ve measured and marked our mailing tube at 24″ with a rubber band.

I will cut our cardboard mailing tube with a fine-toothed hacksaw blade.
It will make the best cut but will be hard work because the small teeth cut very slowly.

I Drew a Fin and Now I’m Cutting It Out, Daddy!

If that fin works well, Ryan– we can use it to trace more fins 
so that they all look exactly the same.
Let’s prop our first fin up against the side of the rocket to see how it looks, Ryan.
It Works, Daddy!  It Really Looks just like a Rocket Fin!
You’re right, Ryan!  It really does look splendid!  
And– I think it is the perfectly correct size fin for our model rocket!
I’ve Traced and Cut Out Three More Fins, Dad.  (Plus One ‘Extra’ – Just in Case)

The fins that you cut out and that we glued on look great, Ryan!

But that glue is just ‘temporary’.  I want us to do a little extra work, Ryan.
Let’s add a glue line along the edges of the fins to strengthen them, Ryan.
Daddy.  ‘Something’ is Missing on our Model Rocket…

You’re correct, Ryan.  What is missing is a nose cone for the top of the rocket
and some stripes to make the rocket look beautiful.
I didn’t forget, Ryan.  Here is something that we can make a nose cone with
and here is some bright orange ‘Duckie’ tape to make stripes with.

Am I Doing it Right, Dad?
Excellent job, Ryan!  Push hard on that tape and keep it lined up well.

We Did It!  Daddy– we Made a Model Rocket at Home by Hand!
And it Really Looks like a REAL Rocket, Dad!  For REAL!!!

Oh, Dad!  This is FANTASTIC!!!
Let’s take it outside, Ryan.

Wow!  It is BEAUTIFUL!

It Looks Like it is Going to Take Off!

V-R-O-O-M ! ! !

Thanks for Helping with my Incredible Rocket, Dad!  
Tonight I am going to Dream about Being an Astronaut!!
Goodnight Ryan.  Stellar Dreams, Buddy!

End of Part 1
(If you are reading this to a child… this is a good stopping point – tomorrow is another day!)

Good Morning, Ryan!
I’ve Got a Surprise for you this Morning!
Daddy!?  You got me an Astronaut Suit?!
Yes, I did.  Try it On, Ryan.
Oh!  You Look Good as an Astronaut, Buddy!

Daddy!  You even Got me a Space Helmet!
 Astronauts Need a Space Hemet to Breath in Space ’cause there is No Air in Space.  
Try it On!

I’m an Astronaut!!!
Now, we’re Going on a Surprise Trip, Ryan!
Where are we Going, Dad?
I can’t Tell you.  Because it’s another *Surprise*, Ryan.
Just Relax and Observe Nature.  It will be a Long Trip– 70 miles!!
Where are we, Dad???
We are at the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association Launch Field, Ryan.
It is one of the Best Model Rocket Fields in the entire U.S.A.

Look Ahead!  
See the Rocket Launch Smoke from that Rocket we Just Heard Go Up?!

We have to Drive through this Field Past all the Mommy and Baby Cattle.

These Baby Cattle (called ‘Calves’) were Just Born within the Last Several Days.
It does not Appear that the Rocket Launch Noise Bothers them at all.  That’s Good to Know.

Let’s Watch these Men get Ready to Launch Their Rocket!

  ……3  …..2  …..1   …..0 …..***

*** BLAST OFF!!!***

Look, Dad!  I am Standing Beside a Rocket that is About to be Launched!

 What goes Up…

Must come Down…!
Here’s More Rockets Ready to be Launched, Ryan!
I’m Standing Under the Engine of this Rocket, Dad!
Please Move Away from There Immediately, Ryan!!!  You Could Get Hurt!
Let’s Go See that Red and White Rocket that has just Parachuted Back Down to Earth.

See how it has Separated into 3 Parts, Ryan?
The 1st Stage (bottom– with the fins) has a Rocket engine…
And the 2nd Stage (with the Nose Cone) contains a Parachute 
so that the Rocket can Come Slowly and Gently Back to Earth.
Here is the Used Rocket Motor after it has Fired the Rocket High into the Sky.
The Propellent inside Rocket Motors makes Flame and Smoke and Pushes the Rocket Upward.

Here is a Kit containing Rocket Motors and small Charges to Separate the 1st Stage
from the 2nd Stage and Also to Make the Parachute come Out (deploy).

Boy!  My Sister, Pinkie, would LOVE this Pink Rocket!

Yes she Would, Ryan.
I think that she Would Like that Bunny, Also!

This is from a Funny Cartoon that was Popular when Daddy was a Youngster, Ryan!!!
His Name is Wile E. Coyote and he was Created by Warner Bros. Animator, Chuck Jones

Here is a Man who Comes and Sells Parts for Rockets and Also
Sells New model Rocket Kits for People to Build.
Children and Adults Love to Learn about and to Fly Rockets.

Ryan.  Let’s Watch these People get Ready
to Launch their Amazingly HUGE Rocket!

First they have to Set It Up onto a Launch Stand.
The Rocket is Attached to a Steel Rail that Serves to Guide their Rocket
Straight into the Sky.

Almost Ready!
Taking a Look Around.

…Some Minor Adjustments…

Now Hooking Up the Electrical Connection that allows
the Launch Master to Press the Launch Button from Far Away 
(for Safety).

Here it Comes Back Down by Parachutes, Ryan!

Daddy.  It’s HUGE!
Even the Parachutes are Far Away from me.

This is the Parachute Assembly, Ryan.
It has a Separation Stage, which is a Small Explosive Charge to Push-Out the Parachutes.
Plus it has an Altimeter that tells How High into the Sky the Rocket Flew.

The Owner of the Rocket is Listening to and Counting little *beeps* from the Altimeter.
It Gives *beeps* for Thousands, Hundreds and Tens of Feet.
Their Rocket went up 2,859 feet on this Flight.
Thank you for Showing Us your Rocket, Sir!

Ryan.  Look at this Really Interesting Rocket that Mr. Chris Michielssen has.

He says that It has the Neatest Fin Design, Ever!
It Looks like a Space Ship from the Future to me, Ryan.
Mr. Chris Michielssen Designs Fins for Rockets

We watched this Rocket Go Up…

…and Come Down Right Next to us!!  
You have to Always be Watchful when you Visit a Model Rocket Launching Club!
We have Time to Watch One Last Rocket Go Up Before we Leave, Ryan.
This is a Pretty one and this Man says he Really Enjoys Building his Model Rockets.

The Beautiful Rocket is Returning Safely on its Parachute.
Now, let’s Walk Across the Pasture to our Car.
Thank you, Daddy.  This was a Fun Day!

Goodbye, Cattle!
Goodbye TTRA Rocket Launch Site.
Thanks to Everyone who Talked to Us and Explained How their Rockets Worked.

Daddy?  Do you Know Which Rocket that I Like the Very Best?
No, Ryan.  Which Rocket do you Like the Very Best?
The One that you and I Built Together.  
This is my Most Favorite Rocket of ALL!!!


…1    Sweet Dreams!
Here is a Nice *How-To* Prepare and Launch a Model Rocket Video by a Young Hobbiest
Here are some more YouTube Model Rocket Launch Videos

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  1. Jerry and Ben April 22, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    WOW!!! What an awesome rocket Ryan! You could have lots of pretend adventures with that rocket, maybe blast off to a distant planet filled with bears and big oceans of honey!

  2. Ryan Lorenc-Haluska April 23, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    Oh!– Jerry and Ben!

    You always leave the most Insightful Comments!!

    I was indeed Dreaming of Honey (and Bears with Honey). :-) We hope you see Part deux of our Adventure!

  3. Buttons the Bear April 23, 2013 at 3:49 am #

    What a cool rocket Ryan! Can’t wait to see part two. I just hope you don’t get Lost in Space!

  4. Krümel Das Allgäu-Bärchen April 27, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    Great work, very well done. Fly, Ryan fly… up up to the sky! Me and my brothers are beary interested, what will happen in Part 2 of your Journey. Don’t let us wait to long. We can’t sleep without knowing the end of your stellar adventure. Beary friendly greetings and a happy weekend. Your Bearfriend Krümel and brothers

  5. Jerry and Ben May 1, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    We enjoyed reading Part 2 of your Rocket adventure. That sure does look like a fun day, and your space suit is beary cool! What fun imaginary adventures you could have (Jerry says as long as there is honey, he’s in!).

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