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  • P1020919_2

    The *Law of the West*

    Would you Care for some Oolong Tea, Dog? Yes– thank you, Pinkie! We’re Having a Tea Party! Ryan– would you Like to Join us for some Tea? Why, I do Thank you for the Invite, Miss Pinkie, I Really do– but I’ve got a Heap O’ Work to Do Minding my Herd. Perhaps Another day, […]

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  • 0125070914

    How did Ryan come to live with humans?

    Zzzz… zzz… Zzz… –Mewl…? (yawn) Meww…? Mewww!!! Hrmph!! M–m–mum – m–maa?!!?… Looking at your Baby Pictures, Ryan? Yeah, Daddy. I am. Daddy?–– Tell me again about my Bear Mom? Oh– Ryan! Your Mommy and I Love to Talk with you about your Bear Mom. You’ve always remembered your Bear Mom, Ryan. Remember when we stayed […]

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  • P1020631

    Hey, Dad! Let’s * PLAY BALL * !!

    –– Winter is Finally Over and it’s Getting Warm Out –– I Want to * PLAY BALL *, Dad!!!! O.K., Ryan.  Me too!  Let’s GO!!!! Bye, Mom…!  Bye Hon…! Here’s the Sports Complex, Ryan. There are Five Baseball Fields Here. That’s the Pitcher’s Mound.  It is Raised Higher than the Field  to Make it Easier […]

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