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  • 0125070914

    How did Ryan come to live with humans?

    Zzzz… zzz… Zzz… –Mewl…? (yawn) Meww…? Mewww!!! Hrmph!! M–m–mum – m–maa?!!?… Looking at your Baby Pictures, Ryan? Yeah, Daddy. I am. Daddy?–– Tell me again about my Bear Mom? Oh– Ryan! Your Mommy and I Love to Talk with you about your Bear Mom. You’ve always remembered your Bear Mom, Ryan. Remember when we stayed […]

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  • P1020631

    Hey, Dad! Let’s * PLAY BALL * !!

    –– Winter is Finally Over and it’s Getting Warm Out –– I Want to * PLAY BALL *, Dad!!!! O.K., Ryan.  Me too!  Let’s GO!!!! Bye, Mom…!  Bye Hon…! Here’s the Sports Complex, Ryan. There are Five Baseball Fields Here. That’s the Pitcher’s Mound.  It is Raised Higher than the Field  to Make it Easier […]

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  • P1020571

    ‘Christmas Past’ . . . and . . . ‘Christmas Present/s’

    It’s Christmas Day, Ryan! It’s Christmas Day, Pinkie!   * !!! * Santa Filled my Stocking…! He Filled Mine, too, Daddy…! My Christmas Hat is Kinda’ Big! My Christmas Hat is Just the Right Size! What Else did Santa Give us…? An Orange… a Popcorn Ball… a Candy Cane… and… *Socks* * ??? * Let’s […]

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