Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travelling at Home

Yes, Ryan.
I would like to Travel to Meet my Friends...

Ryan– we can't Afford to Travel to Meet your Friends
because we are So Far Away from them.
Sigh... !!!
But, Ryan–
You can Travel in your Mind and in your Heart.

Here– Look at this Book, Ryan.

It has the Flags of All the Countries of the World.

You have Friends in Many of these Countries!

I'm Thinking of an Idea that will Help Bring your Friends Closer to you.

Here– Sit at our Kitchen Table and Look at this Map of Europe.
Meanwhile, I'll Go and Prepare a Fun Surprise for you!

Daddy– I have Good Friends in the Netherlands!!
Yes, you Do, Ryan.

And here in Poland, too!

Where's my *Surprise* Daddy?

Here is Some Colored Paper, Ryan...

Why don't we Use it to Make Flags of Some of the Countries 
Where you Have Friends that you would Like to Visit?
You Can Think About Them and of the Interesting Places Where They Live...

This Looks HARD, Dad!!
Ryan– I've already cut up All the Colored Paper 
into the Correct Shapes for you to Make Flags–
It will be EASY... Go Ahead– Try it, Ryan–

I Made a Flag of France, Dad!!

...and this one is of Russia!

I Remember the Check Republic... my First Friends were From There...
Lots of Flags are Red, White and Blue, aren't they Dad?
That's True, Ryan... but Lots Aren't

Here is the Flag of Germany– I've got Good Friends There...
You Lived There, right, Daddy?
Yes, I did, Ryan.

I have Polish Friends and here is Their Flag!

Oh– Dad!  You Cut-out a Circle so that I can Make the Japanese Flag.
I have Lots of Japanese Friends!

The Flag of Sweden is Pretty!

This is FUN, Dad!
Thank You for Creating this Project for me!!
It Really Helps me to Think about Where Some of my Friends are...

 And, Many, Many of my Friends Live in the United Kingdom–!!!
Thank you for Assembling this Flag for me, Dad. 
 –I Sure Could Not Do This One Myself!!!!

Thanks, Dad!  
This Project Really Made me Feel Warm and Happy–
I Feel Much Closer to my Friends now, Dad!!!
–But I STILL Want to Visit Them– SOON!!
We will, Ryan.  As-Soon-as-Possible...!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas is Sharing

What'cha doing, Pinkie?
I'm going to Color, Ryan.

Would you Like to Color with me in my New Coloring Book 
that I got for Christmas?
Sure, Pinkie!  Thank you Very Much!

Which Picture would you Like to Color, Ryan?
Well– I like the Outdoors, so I'd Like to Color the Picture
with the Deer in it.

O.K., Ryan.  Here you go.  

Thanks, Pinkie!

I'm Going to Color the Picture of the Ballerinas– since I Like to Dance.

Kids– you had better Put Down some Paper
or Mom will be Upset if you Get Paint on the Table...

Thanks, Dad!  


Do-do-do... de-de-dee...

Do-do... do-de-dee-dee...

Dee-dee-dee... de dum...
How's it Going, Ryan?
Great, Dad!

How 'bout you, Pinkie?
Splendid, Dad!  My Ballerinas are Looking Beautiful in their Tutus

This is Fun, Pinkie!

Thanks for Sharing
One of your Christmas Gifts with me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa's Bear-y Little Helper 12/2013

Daddy.  Christmas is coming… !  


How does Santa do it?  How does he Make All Those Toys for us?

Well, Ryan. Santa has Many Elves who Help him Build All those Toys –– and they Work Very Hard, too. 
Plus he uses his Magic Santa Powers… you've just got to Believe, Ryan!

I Do Believe, Daddy!!  But I still Really want to Help Santa too!

O.K., Ryan.  You may Help Santa by using your Work Bench and your Tools to Build some Toys.  
 But you have to Promise to get the Work Done by the 5th of December so that your Mommy can Mail them to Santa at the North Pole.

I've Started, Daddy – and Mommy gave me some Milk and Cookies so I wouldn't be too Hungry.

Making Toys is Hard Work, Daddy!

This Glue works Great!  I've Made a Little Toy Tree with Little Toy Presents.

…must… be… Accurate...  Santa Cares!!

Not Quite...


This is a Nice Red Paint!

Someone will Really Like this Toy Rocking Horse!

So Much to Do… zzz...

… zzz… zzz… zzz...

Gotta' Keep Going…

So Much to Do...

So Tired… must Finish… zzz...

Ryan.  Mommy and I Both Insist that you Eat a Good Breakfast if you are going to Work So Very Hard.  
 Here is a Breakfast that is Perfect for little Bears, Ryan.  It has Pears, Walnuts, Yogurt, Cashews and Almonds in it.  It will make it Easier for you to Work Hard.

Back to Work!  It is So Nice to Find All of My Tools in One Place!
I'm Glad Daddy Gave me this Tool Box to Use.

20 Days til' Christmas.  I've Done It!!!

I Made Everything that I Wanted to Build.
I Hope that Santa and the Kids Like these Toys!  I worked Long and Hard and Did My Best to Build them.

Now Mommy will Wrap-up All the Toys I Built and Mail them to Santa at the North Pole, right, Daddy?
 Yes, Ryan.  She Promises to Wrap them and Send them to Santa at the North Pole so he can 
 Add Them to his Big Bag of Toys.  Mommy and I are Proud of you for Helping Santa and His Elves this Christmas, Ryan. 

Thanks.  It Feels Good to Share my Building Skills with Others.  
I'm So Glad that I Helped Santa and His Elves.  
 I Do Feel Very Merry this Christmas!! 

This story is reprised from: 
December 12, 2012
We hope you enjoyed it