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  • IMG_8348

    Tree House Ryan

    Oh– What a Wonderful Old Tree House, Ryan! May I Climb Up Into it, Dad? Yes, Ryan.  Mr. D. said that we Could Enjoy this Tree House While we are Visiting him. He Built it 23 Years Ago for his Daughters who are now at College. It was Extraordinarily Well-Built to Last so Very Long! […]

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  • P1030045

    Ryan Under the Microscope

    Good Morning, Ryan! I’ve Got a Surprise for you Today! What Kind of Surprise, Daddy? It is an Adventure, Ryan. Well– then I will Put On my Explorer’s Outfit. These are my Favorite Clothes to Wear for an Adventure! Oh– Dad!  It’s a Book about BUGS! And it has a 3-D Cover!! Bugs are One […]

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  • P1030108

    The ‘Story Bowl’…

    My Dad went to Tampa, FL, and came back with a Gift for me… He Says it is a ‘Story Bowl’. I asked Dad, “What is a ‘Story Bowl”? Well– it is Something that I Just Made-Up… but See if you Like my Story. You Can Make-Up your Very Own Story too, Ryan. This Bowl […]

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