Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey, Dad! Let's * PLAY BALL * !!

–– Winter is Finally Over and it's Getting Warm Out ––
I Want to * PLAY BALL *, Dad!!!!
O.K., Ryan.  Me too!  Let's GO!!!!
Bye, Mom...!  Bye Hon...!

Here's the Sports Complex, Ryan.
There are Five Baseball Fields Here.

That's the Pitcher's Mound.  It is Raised Higher than the Field 
to Make it Easier for the Pitcher to Pitch.

This is *Home Plate*
You have to Run Across this Base to Score...
but *Only* After Running across First Base,
Second Base, and then Third Base.

First, Second and Third Bases are out there, Ryan.
They are Pretty Far Away and Far Apart!

Here's where People Sit to Watch the Game.
This type of Seating Area is called *the Bleachers*.

Let's *Play Ball*, Daddy!!!

–– Throw me the Ball, Ryan. ––
A Little Harder and Higher next time, Buddy!
Why don't you Put Your Glove On and Catch Some Balls?

Don't Look Up at Me, Ryan!
You've Got to Look At the BALL at All Times!!!

That's Better, Ryan!  Good Catch!

Here Comes a Ground Ball, Ryan...


––Y-y-yes...!!!  Excellent Catch, Buddy!

Wow!  Another One!!
You are Certainly a *Natural* Fielder, Buddy!

Holy Cow!
That High, Fast-Ball Nearly Ripped Your Glove Off!!

What a Fantastic Dive, Ryan!!
A Good, Aggressive Play, my Boy!!!

Now we Have to do *Batting*, Dad!
We Will, Ryan.  –But on Another Day– we've Played Hard Today.
Let's go Home to Mom and Eat Lunch.

Well– I AM Kinda' Hungry.
We've had a Fun Day– Huh, Dad?!
Yes we  Did, Ryan.  And we'll Tell Mom What an Excellent 
*Natural Fielder* you are!
I'm Looking Forward to Playing Baseball with you Again, Ryan.
Good Game!

We had a Good Afternoon! Plus, there was a *Real* baseball Game Playing across the Street 
–and When they Were Cheering... it Sounded Like they were Cheering for me!  Hee-hee!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'Christmas Past' . . . and . . . 'Christmas Present/s'

It's Christmas Day, Ryan!

It's Christmas Day, Pinkie!

* !!! *

Santa Filled my Stocking...!

He Filled Mine, too, Daddy...!

My Christmas Hat is Kinda' Big!

My Christmas Hat is Just the Right Size!

What Else did Santa Give us...?

An Orange... a Popcorn Ball... a Candy Cane... and... *Socks*

* ??? *

Let's See What Santa Gave me...

A  Popcorn Ball... I Got an Orange too... a Candy Cane... and... *Socks*

* ??? *

 Is This Our Christmas, Daddy?

     Is This Our Christmas, Dad?

When Daddy and Mommy were Young like you... 
'cause Mommy and Daddy were Little Children Long Ago, too–
this is What we Used To Get for Christmas– it was What Santa Gave Us... –and we were Happy.  
Sometimes Santa Gave us New Underware and Christmas 'Jammies, too...!
Mommy and Daddy Think that Santa was More Parsimonious Way Back Then...
But as Time Went By, Santa Clause Became Much, Much More Magnanimous...
–S o o o. . .

Santa Left you Guys Some Great Gifts...!!!

Pinkie– yours are on the Left Side...!
Ryan– your Gifts are There on the Right Side...!!

...And your Friends from All-Over have Sent you their 
Very Best Wishes
for Christmas and the New Year!!!

Merry Christmas from Santa, Pinkie!!!

A Merry Christmas from Santa, Ryan!!!

Oh- Thank You, Santa!!!!

Yes!  Thank You, Santa!!!

It's * REALLY GREAT * Santa– that you are Not as Frugal 
as you Used To Be
Back When Mommy and Daddy Were Little...!!!

Long-Ago Christmases...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

'A' is for Apple... (sauce)...

Hey, Ryan–
I'm Making Applesauce... wanna' Help?

Wow, Dad!  Such Pretty Apples!
Yes.  I'll Help you Make Applesauce.

...and so, the Beautiful Princess became Best Friends 
with the Happy Dragon and the Brave Knight.

Pinkie– Daddy and I are Making Applesauce.
Would you like to Help?
Sure, Ryan!  I Like Cooking with you and Daddy...
and I've Just Finished Reading Kitty this Story.

Wow!  You've Got Everything Ready to Prepare the Applesauce Recipe!
That's the First Thing we Do for All our Recipes, Pinkie.  Remember?!

How do you Make Applesauce, Dad?

Well, Pinkie–  First, we Start with Nice, Fresh Apples...
There's Different Kinds of Apples, Daddy.
Yes, Ryan.  You are Very Observant!  
There are Many Different Types of Apple Varities Grown, Ryan.
We are Combining Three Types for their Different Flavors and Textures.

Pinkie– you have Fuji Apples

Ryan– you have Granny Smith Apples

And you Each have a Gala Apple
Here is a Useful Picture Chart of Many Types of Apples and How to Use them

Let's Make Sure that they All Fit into our Mixing Bowl.  
They Do– !

The First Thing we Do to Make Applesauce is to Squeeze some Lemons–
Trust me, kids... I'll Explain later.

Then, we Pour the Lemon Juice into Two Cups of Water in this Pot.

Next, we Start to Peel our Apples.  
We have Six Apples.

I'm a-peeling, Dad...!
Yes–– you ARE Appealing, Ryan!!
Pinkie–! How Do you Do That?!?!

Do What, Ryan?
Peel your Apple All in One Long Peel...

I Guess I'm Just Naturally Talented...

I Don't Think that I can Finish This by myself, Pinkie.  Would you Please Help me?

Sure, Ryan.  This Apple Coring and Slicing Tool is a Two-Bear Operation!

Mom says "Many Hands Makes Light Work".  She's Right, Ryan!!!

Wow!  See How this Really Special Tool Cores and Slices our Apple?

Now, Kids... here's where we Use that Lemon Water that we Made 
way back at the Beginning of our Recipe.

If we Do Not Place the Apples in the Lemon Water
the Sliced Apple pieces will begin to Turn Brown–– like Pinkie's Apple Peel here.

My Apple is Ready to Go Into the Pot of Lemon Water, Daddy.

Look!  You can See my Apple Slices have Green on them 
and Ryan's Apple Slices have Red on them.
O.K.  Keep on Peeling and Slicing and Coring our Other Four Apples, Kids.

We Really Made a LOT of Apple Slices, Dad.

And we Made a LOT of Apple Cores and Peels, too, Dad!
Just Push Those Aside for Now, Kids–
We Have More Work to Do.

I've Drained the Lemon Water from the Apples in this Collander–
We will put More Water Into Our Pot Later...

We've Placed our Six Apples into our Bowl...
Now, I'll Add Some Sugar to These Apple Slices.

Our Recipe Also calls for a Little Salt...

I Mixed the Apples with the Sugar and Salt– The Apple Slices Look Yummy!

Next, our Recipe calls for Some Spices.
I'll Sprinkle the Spices All Over...

Yummy!!! / Yum!!!
Now, Kids, I Will Place the Apple Slices Back into our Pot and Add  Two Cups of Water.
Then I'll Place it On the Stove over Medium Heat and Cover the Pot with a Lid.

Remember All Those Apple Peels and Apple Cores, Kids?
Let's Clean Up our Work Area, O.K.?

Later, we will Put This Out on our Compost Pile 
and Mix it with Leaves and Grass to Help Make Soil for our Garden.
How's Our Applesauce Doing, Dad?

Looks Good, Ryan!  It Needs to Boil for 20 Minutes...
so, Let's Use That Time to Clean Up after Ourselves.

I'll Wash-Up, Daddy!

I'll Dry, Pinkie!

Everything is Clean and Dry, Dad!
How's our Applesauce Doing, Daddy?

It Looks GREAT, Pinkie and Ryan.  
Look at How the Apples have Softened... they are Ready to Mash-Up, Kids!

Mash the Apples Well, Daddy–!

Yes– just like That, Daddy–!!

Thanks for Teaching Us to Make Apple Sauce, Dad!
Yes–!  Thanks for Teaching Us, Dad!!

Where's Mommy, Ryan...?
MOM–!!!  Come and Have Some Applesauce that We Just Made with Daddy!!!!

It's Warm and Delicious and we Really Had a Fun Time Making It!

I'm Coming, Kids... I was Taking a Nap. 

 You Guys Cooked while I was Sleeping?   Amazing!!!
It Smells Wonderful in Here!  

I Can Hardly Wait to See What you and Daddy Have Cooked this Time!!