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Spaced-Out Ryan (A Two-Part Story)

What are you doing, Ryan? I’m Learning About Rockets, Dad. It’s time for bed, Ryan.  You’re still researching about rockets? Yes, Daddy.  I’m Really Interested in How Rockets Work. O.K., Ryan.  Let’s explore rocketry– just like we explored flying airplanes…   Good morning, Ryan!  I have a pleasant surprise for you. I found a mailing […]


Pinkie Has a Birthday!

It’s Early– Very Early– but Pinkie is Wide-Awake for her Birthday A Birthday Cup Cake for Breakfast!  Yum!!!  Thanks Mommy!  Thanks Daddy! Her Birthday Cup Cake is the Prettiest she has Ever Seen! …and Just Look at these Prettily Wrapped Gifts!   Ryan is Invited to Pinkie’s Birthday Party… …but Stay Far Away from my […]


Ryan’s Beach Hike (A Morning with Daddy)

Daddy had a morning off. He said, “Let’s go for a Hike”! And so we did. We’re going hiking at the Beach, Daddy? Yes. Put on your Sunglasses and your Visor. Oh– look! A Great Blue Heron. This is Fun, Daddy. Let’s see what we can find. What’s this, Daddy? It is a Coconut Ryan. […]