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Spaced-Out Ryan (A Two-Part Story)

What are you doing, Ryan? I’m Learning About Rockets, Dad. It’s time for bed, Ryan.  You’re still researching about rockets? Yes, Daddy.  I’m Really Interested in How Rockets Work. O.K., Ryan.  Let’s explore rocketry– just like we explored flying airplanes…   Good morning, Ryan!  I have a pleasant surprise for you. I found a mailing […]


High Fly’n Ryan

Daddy – do Bears Fly? I Believe that you can do Anything that you put your Mind to, Ryan. You used to Fly, Didn’t you, Daddy? Yes, Ryan.  I took Flying Lessons a Long Time Ago. And Last Year, I Flew in a Friend’s Plane – a Royal New Zealand Air Force Fighter Trainer! May […]