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500 Mile Walk Through Spain

Ryan -may I Speak with you? I’ve got a Huge Surprise! Sure, Dad -I am almost done with my Math homework. Remember when you were sad that we could not travel to meet your friends in Europe? Yes -you helped me make Flags of Countries where my friends live with construction paper. I felt better. […]


Hey, Dad! Let’s * PLAY BALL * !!

–– Winter is Finally Over and it’s Getting Warm Out –– I Want to * PLAY BALL *, Dad!!!! O.K., Ryan.  Me too!  Let’s GO!!!! Bye, Mom…!  Bye Hon…! Here’s the Sports Complex, Ryan. There are Five Baseball Fields Here. That’s the Pitcher’s Mound.  It is Raised Higher than the Field  to Make it Easier […]


‘A’ is for Apple… (sauce)…

Hey, Ryan– I’m Making Applesauce… wanna’ Help? Wow, Dad!  Such Pretty Apples! Yes.  I’ll Help you Make Applesauce. …and so, the Beautiful Princess became Best Friends  with the Happy Dragon and the Brave Knight. Pinkie– Daddy and I are Making Applesauce. Would you like to Help? Sure, Ryan!  I Like Cooking with you and Daddy… […]


NEFARIOUS: Happy Halloween…!

NEFARIOUS : flagrantly wicked or impious: synonyms: wicked · evil · sinful · iniquitous · egregious · heinous · atrocious · vile · foul · abominable · odious · depraved · monstrous · fiendish · diabolical · unspeakable · despicable · villainous · Oh–  Ryan… Oh–  my Dear Sweet Brother, Ryan… A––aaack…!!!!


Our *Not-So-Auspicious* Adventure !!!

…and then Daddy said “Don’t Worry”–– It was AWFUL, Pinkie!!!! It All Started Out So Promising… Oh– Daddy!  We’ve Been Here Before!! We’re going to Florida to see Daddy and Alligators!  We are going to Hike Through a Dry Prairie Ecosystem. Myakka River State Park is one of only three  Dry Prairie Ecosystems in Florida. […]


Mommy’s Day… SURPRISE ! *

Goodnight, Pinkie… Goodnight, Mommy (hee-hee…) Goodnight, Ryan… G’nite, Mommy (tee-hee…) You Ready, Ryan? I’m Ready, Pinkie! Shhhh––  You Guys have to be Really Quiet Now… We Don’t Want to Awaken Mommy… do we? No, Daddy.  It’s a * SURPRISE ! *  Wow!  That’s a Big Strawberry, Dad! I’ve Got Two Strawberries, Ryan! Wait, Kids–  I’ll […]


Travelling at Home

Dad– Yes, Ryan. I would like to Travel to Meet my Friends… Ryan– we can’t Afford to Travel to Meet your Friends because we are So Far Away from them. Sigh… !!! But, Ryan– You can Travel in your Mind and in your Heart. Here– Look at this Book, Ryan. It has the Flags of […]


Christmas is Sharing

What’cha doing, Pinkie? I’m going to Color, Ryan.  Would you Like to Color with me in my New Coloring Book  that I got for Christmas? Sure, Pinkie!  Thank you Very Much! Which Picture would you Like to Color, Ryan? Well– I like the Outdoors, so I’d Like to Color the Picture with the Deer in […]