Ryan– you have a Dental Appointment on July 15th…
Well, Ryan– here we are for your dental appointment.

Look for Dr. Elza, Ryan.  There she is – she is on the top floor.  

Isn’t this lobby pretty, Ryan?  Look at the lovely flowers 
and the beautiful piano.

Wanna’ take a drink of water from the cold water fountain, buddy?
Aren’t cold water fountains FUN? 
I Sure Wish we Had One of These at Home, Dad!

Hello, Ryan.  You are right on time for your dental appointment.
It’s good to see you again!

Please print your name on the bottom of our appointment list.

Look, Ryan!  Those are ‘Thank You’ cards from Dr. Elza’s patients.
You and I are fortunate to have a really great dentist!

Are you o.k. there in the dental chair, Ryan?
Yes, Dad.  I’m Comfortable.

Look around at all the instruments and tools that dentists have to know how to use.

Remember the big, bright light from the last time you were here, Ryan?
Here are more instruments and tools…

…and these are the ones that Dr. Elza puts into your mouth to look at and check your teeth.

Oh!  –And here is some mouthwash… just like we use at home… but much larger!

We can watch cartoons on the wall T.V. 
while we wait for Dr. Elza.

I hear someone coming, Ryan.  
I think it is Amy– Dr. Elza’s assistant.
Ryan– we are going to look at the insides of your teeth.
We do that with a tool called an X-ray machine.
You had an X-ray the last time you were here.  It does not hurt.

Hold still, please, Ryan.  *B-zz-zzz*  O.K.  It’s over.  
We have an X-ray picture of the inside of your teeth.

The doctor wants to carefully look at your new front teeth, Ryan.
Your new teeth came in right on time, your Dad told us.  
Just before your 6th birthday.
I hope that the ‘Tooth Fairy’ gave you a nice surprise for each of your teeth 
when you put them under your pillow!

Here is a model of what healthy teeth should look like.
Here comes Dr. Elza, now, Ryan!

Well, “Hi, Ryan!”  “So glad to see you looking so healthy and strong!”
Thank you Dr. Elza.  I’ve been Brushing my Teeth Every Morning 
and every Night before I Go to Bed!  And if I Forget– Mommy reminds me.
That’s great, Ryan.  Your Mom tells me that she even has to remind your Daddy
to brush his teeth when he hurries out to work in the morning!

We’ll put this paper bib on you just like last time so that your
red shirt does not get dirty while I examine your mouth and your teeth.

First– let me look at your tongue and the inside of your mouth 
to see if everything is fine there.  Stick your tongue out, Ryan.  
O.K., it all looks good.
Now, open your mouth and let me have a quick look at your teeth.

That’s right!  You’re doing very good, Ryan!  
Keep your mouth open, please.

Turn a bit toward me, please, Ryan.  Good!  Thank you.

Let’s turn on this bright light so that I can see way into the back of your mouth, Ryan.
Oops–– did I get it in your eyes?  I’m sorry.  Here– let me adjust it down a bit.

That’s much better.  I’ll use this mirror to help me see the 
back sides of your rear teeth, Ryan.  You’ll feel the mirror in your mouth…
let me know if you are uncomfortable or if it hurts, O.K.?

All your teeth are fine, Ryan!
Now I am going to do a ‘deep floss’ of your teeth.
This may hurt just a little bit.  Don’t worry!  It won’t take long!

O.K., young bear!  Let’s rinse your mouth out and we’re done!
You did Very Well, Ryan!!

You have a beautiful smile!
Do your teeth and gums feel all-clean?
Yes they do, Dr. Elza!  Thank you!

Well– you are done for now, Ryan.  I’ll see you in six months for your next check-up.
We should ALL have a dental check-up every six months.

Here is a new tooth brush, toothpaste and some dental floss, Ryan.

Here is a little treat, Ryan.
I know that your Mom and Dad do not allow you to have 
too much candy
because your teeth don’t have any cavities.
It’s O.K. though, to have a small treat from time-to-time.

So long, Ryan!  It was so nice to see you again!
Your are the most cheerful and polite young cub that we see here!
Thank you.  Bye–  Thanks for the Candy Kiss!!
Thanks, Amy and Dr. Elza for Ryan’s dental exam.
I believe that Susan and I are scheduled to come in pretty soon.  We’ll see you then!

4 Responses to “–Gulp…!”

  1. Jerry and Ben July 10, 2013 at 12:31 am #

    Be sure to ask for the honey-flavored tooth paste from the dental assistant! We bet you’ll have a very good report from the dentist.

  2. Hammie Hamster July 18, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Perhaps our post about our chickens who go into their new outside space will make you put a smile on your face? We added a little movie too! G. Went to the dentist yesterday, she had lost a little piece of the stuff they put into your teeth when there is a bad piece? Hm, we need to get more English words! Fillings? Hm, hope you understand what we meen to say:-). It didn’t hurt and it was fixed in 4 minutes! Our dentist is a very nice man, he understands it very well that G. is always nervous when we go there! He even let’s her listen to her iPod when he has to repair something!

  3. Jerry and Ben July 25, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    We’re glad your dental appointment went well! You now have really clean teeth. Our dentist give us a tiny lollipop after he cleans our teeth. It’s sugar free but still tastes good!

  4. Ajdin the Bosnian Bear November 26, 2013 at 1:49 am #

    Hi Ryan, my name is Ajdin and I’m a bear! I also have a blog that I started just recently so I hope you will check it out. I really liked this post – it was very creative! :)


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