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Daddy – It’s a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?

Daddy – It’s a Beach-y Day – Can we Go?  –Please? Sure, Ryan.  We can go to the Beach today. Do we have all our Beach Stuff, Ryan?  Beach Umbrella, Cooler with Food and Drinks, your Beach Towel, my Beach Towel, Toys, and our Floats –– are we O.K.? Here we are.  South Lido Park […]


Ryan’s Beach Hike (A Morning with Daddy)

Daddy had a morning off. He said, “Let’s go for a Hike”! And so we did. We’re going hiking at the Beach, Daddy? Yes. Put on your Sunglasses and your Visor. Oh– look! A Great Blue Heron. This is Fun, Daddy. Let’s see what we can find. What’s this, Daddy? It is a Coconut Ryan. […]