Hey, Ryan! Let’s Play Checkers!

Hey, Ryan!  Let’s Play Checkers!
Do you Remember How to Play the Game?
I Think So… we Each Stay On the Black Squares…
…and Then What do we Do?
I Think you ‘Jump-Over’ the Checkers, Ryan.
O.K., Dog.  Thanks!
But ‘How-Many’ do you Jump-Over, Pinkie?
I Don’t Know, Kitty… Let’s Just Start to Play, Ryan. 
Maybe we Will Figure it Out After Awhile.
I Like This Game, Pinkie!
I Like This Game too, Ryan!
Hey– do I ‘Jump-Over’ your Checker Now?
Don’t Forget… you Get To Keep Her Checkers that you Jump-Over, Ryan!
Now it’s Pinkie’s Turn!  Take His Checkers, Pinkie.  Take His!!!
Take Some More…!
No!  You Can’t Just Take Ryan’s Checkers unless Pinkie Jumps-Over Them.
Well – then, Jump-Over Those, Pinkie…!
Kitty–– it’s Not Her Turn!  It’s Ryan’s Turn to Play… Jump-Over her Checkers There, Ryan!
No!!  Not Fair Jumping Two!!!
Is Too ‘Fair’.  It’s The ‘Rules’, Kitty!
Is Not!
Is Too!
*Hiss-sss* !! *Grr-rrr* !!!
*Acckkk*!  *Oommph* !!!
*Scratch*  *Kick* – *Paw*
*Bite* !!
Quit it, you Two!!!!!!!!!!!
We’re Trying To Play a Game!  You’re Supposed to ‘Just Watch’ !!!
I got my Checker to the End on the Other Side.  ‘Queen’ me, Ryan!  

How do I ‘Queen You’?  What’s That???
Put one of those Black Checkers on Top of Mine– so that there are Two Stacked Up.
Now, ‘Queen Me’, Pinkie! 
You’re a Boy, Ryan… I’ve Got To ‘King’ you… 
Hey– How Did He Get There???  I Think He Cheated, Pinkie!
Not True, Kitty!!!  Ryan’s Playing Fair!!!!  You Just Don’t Remember How to Play This Game!!!
Do Too!!!  Do Not!!!!!         *Hiss-sss* !!  *Grr-rrr* !!!
*Oommph* !!!             *Scratch*  *Kick* – *Paw*
Please get your Kitty off my Dog, Pinkie!
I Can’t!!!  Your Dog is Holding-Onto my Kitty’s Leg, Ryan!!
Just Look At Them Fight!  All our Checkers are Moved!  What Can We Do?
O.K.!  Stop Fighting Dog.  
Stop Fighting Kitty!  
We are Done Playing Checkers for Now.
Yeah–, Pinkie!  You’re Right.  We Can’t Remember Where Our Checkers Go…
I Know… Let’s Play Cards!!!!!

(We Won!!)                                                                                                  (Did Not!!) 

(Did Too!!!)                                                                                                           (*Hiss!!!*)

Anyone Remember the *Rules* for Cards?????!!!

4 Responses to “Hey, Ryan! Let’s Play Checkers!”

  1. Jerry and Ben July 31, 2011 at 9:58 pm #

    Learning to play board games, to share, and understanding that you can’t always win are good things. Jerry and I play games all the time, he wins some, I win some, but we have fun! Glad you have such a good time with your pals Ryan!

  2. Found art blog August 1, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    Those kids are still fighting?? Sigh….. oh well. Hope Daddy is getting better – we missed your blog!

  3. Hammie Hamster August 3, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    Hey, that cat looks just like one of the cuddly cats that live here, I’ll make a post about them!

  4. Buttons the Bear August 4, 2011 at 6:01 am #

    I love checkers too. It’s nice to see you playing games with your sister Pinkey. Hope you have better luck playing cards.

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