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Ryan’s White Christmas!

Ryan.  Dog.  It Snowed! Snow?! Ohhhhhh…! Snoooo-www! You’ve Got To Eat a Good Breakfast before you Play!  I wanna’ Go Out! I’ll Come With you, Ryan.   It’s Cold Enough to Wear Mommy’s Ear-Muffs! Wow, Dog!  It’s Amazing! Careful, Dog– the Snow is DEEP! I wanna’ Go First!! Dog??  Dog????!! I Hope you Learned your […]


Hey, Ryan! Let’s Play Checkers!

Hey, Ryan!  Let’s Play Checkers! Do you Remember How to Play the Game? I Think So… we Each Stay On the Black Squares… …and Then What do we Do? I Think you ‘Jump-Over’ the Checkers, Ryan. O.K., Dog.  Thanks! But ‘How-Many’ do you Jump-Over, Pinkie? I Don’t Know, Kitty… Let’s Just Start to Play, Ryan.  […]


Daddy, I’m Bored!

Daddy. I’m bored! Why don’t you play, Ryan? Look, Daddy! I’m wearing Big shoes! You’ve got really Big feet, Daddy! Look at me, Daddy. I’m a sheep – BAAAHH! I’m still bored! Why don’t you play with Dog, Ryan? O.K. What do you want to play, Dog? Let’s wrestle! Ow! Dog–– No Biting! Don’t play […]