‘Christmas Past’ . . . and . . . ‘Christmas Present/s’

It’s Christmas Day, Ryan!
It’s Christmas Day, Pinkie!
* !!! *
Santa Filled my Stocking…!
He Filled Mine, too, Daddy…!
My Christmas Hat is Kinda’ Big!
My Christmas Hat is Just the Right Size!
What Else did Santa Give us…?
An Orange… a Popcorn Ball… a Candy Cane… and… *Socks*
* ??? *
Let’s See What Santa Gave me…
A  Popcorn Ball… I Got an Orange too… a Candy Cane… and… *Socks*
* ??? *
 Is This Our Christmas, Daddy?
     Is This Our Christmas, Dad?
When Daddy and Mommy were Young like you… 
’cause Mommy and Daddy were Little Children Long Ago, too–
this is What we Used To Get for Christmas– it was What Santa Gave Us… –and we were Happy.  
Sometimes Santa Gave us New Underware and Christmas ‘Jammies, too…!
Mommy and Daddy Think that Santa was More Parsimonious Way Back Then…
But as Time Went By, Santa Clause Became Much, Much More Magnanimous
–S o o o. . .
Santa Left you Guys Some Great Gifts…!!!
Pinkie– yours are on the Left Side…!
Ryan– your Gifts are There on the Right Side…!!
…And your Friends from All-Over have Sent you their 
Very Best Wishes
for Christmas and the New Year!!!
Merry Christmas from Santa, Pinkie!!!
A Merry Christmas from Santa, Ryan!!!
Oh- Thank You, Santa!!!!
Yes!  Thank You, Santa!!!
It’s * REALLY GREAT * Santa– that you are Not as Frugal
as you Used To Be
Back When Mommy and Daddy Were Little…!!!
Long-Ago Christmases…
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