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Look, Ryan! Look!

Look, Daddy!  A Hawk! Look, Ryan!  Do you See Where the Hawk Landed in that Tree? No, Daddy.  I Don’t See the Hawk Sitting in the Tree. There, Ryan!  There! Where, Daddy?  Where? Maybe we need to See if you Need Eye Glasses to See Far-Away, Ryan? We can Stop at the Eye Doctor’s Office […]


Our Buggy, Buggy Night

Watch as Ryan and his Friend, Dog, Relax and Play with Ryan’s really Neat-o Candy! Look, Ryan.  Look at the Pretty Designs the Setting Sun is Making on our Floor. There is Your Wicker Chair, Ryan.  Let’s Move it Over a Bit. Now– There is Your Wicker Chair and Mommy’s Pretty Cut-Glass Door. Isn’t the […]


Ryan the Explorer

                                          Good morning, Ryan.  Come on in to Breakfast. Oh – I like Fruit, Daddy. Will you please put Honey on my Cereal, too? Look, Ryan!  You’ve got Mail! Oh!  A Package for Me?  Oh– Wow! […]