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Daddy, Pinkie, and Ryan’s Halloween Surprise!

Daddy– I want to Make Something for Pinkie this Halloween. I want it to be a Surprise!  Will you Please Help me to Build a Haunted House? Mommy Gave me this Kit to Build a Haunted House. Look! We’ve Built the Walls! And Now the Roof is Built! Thank you, Daddy, for Painting-In the Door […]


Happy Birthday, Ryan! You’re Six Years Old!!!

Happy Birthday, Ryan! You’re Six Today! Wow!  Six Years Old! That’s Really OLD, Ryan!   I’m Making a Wish – * BLOW *…!!!  I Wished that I Could Stay Six Years Old… Period! Sometimes, Wishes Come True, Ryan. Let’s Eat Cake! Here’s Half for You, Pinkie… …and Half for you, Ryan… It Looks Delicious! Here is […]


Watch Out for that Crack!

Look, Mommy!  I’m trying-out my Birthday Roller Skates, Mommy! Oh– Ryan!  Watch out for that Crack!   Whoa!!! Ohhh! (Whump!!!) (Ooff!) …ooaahhhh?! …uhhhh!? What happened? You O.K., Ryan???   Yeah, Mommy.  Just a Little Surprised. Well, get up and Try Again…  …just watch out for that Crack, Ryan!!!  


Virginia Pumpkin Festival

We are at a Virginia Pumpkin Festival It’s nice here This pumpkin is bigger than me! My Mommy would like these flowers This one’s more my size May I have two? Please? Oh, I like this wagon This is really high Daddy I’m a Farmer, Mommy! I’m tired. Is it time to go home? Look, […]