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Hey, Ryan! Let’s Play Checkers!

Hey, Ryan!  Let’s Play Checkers! Do you Remember How to Play the Game? I Think So… we Each Stay On the Black Squares… …and Then What do we Do? I Think you ‘Jump-Over’ the Checkers, Ryan. O.K., Dog.  Thanks! But ‘How-Many’ do you Jump-Over, Pinkie? I Don’t Know, Kitty… Let’s Just Start to Play, Ryan.  […]


Playing With Our Food

Mommy Says we Shouldn’t Play with our Food  But Mommy is not Home Today. Look Ryan!  We got some New Cookie Cutters in the Mail. Look at these Interesting Shapes.  Let’s try them Out! Let’s Use Bread – and we can Cookie Cut our LUNCH!   Ryan–  Why not Invite Dog and Kitty to Play? […]


Our Buggy, Buggy Night

Watch as Ryan and his Friend, Dog, Relax and Play with Ryan’s really Neat-o Candy! Look, Ryan.  Look at the Pretty Designs the Setting Sun is Making on our Floor. There is Your Wicker Chair, Ryan.  Let’s Move it Over a Bit. Now– There is Your Wicker Chair and Mommy’s Pretty Cut-Glass Door. Isn’t the […]


Ryan the Explorer

                                          Good morning, Ryan.  Come on in to Breakfast. Oh – I like Fruit, Daddy. Will you please put Honey on my Cereal, too? Look, Ryan!  You’ve got Mail! Oh!  A Package for Me?  Oh– Wow! […]


Daddy, I’m Bored!

Daddy. I’m bored! Why don’t you play, Ryan? Look, Daddy! I’m wearing Big shoes! You’ve got really Big feet, Daddy! Look at me, Daddy. I’m a sheep – BAAAHH! I’m still bored! Why don’t you play with Dog, Ryan? O.K. What do you want to play, Dog? Let’s wrestle! Ow! Dog–– No Biting! Don’t play […]