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Happy Birthday, Ryan! You’re Six Years Old!!!

Happy Birthday, Ryan! You’re Six Today! Wow!  Six Years Old! That’s Really OLD, Ryan!   I’m Making a Wish – * BLOW *…!!!  I Wished that I Could Stay Six Years Old… Period! Sometimes, Wishes Come True, Ryan. Let’s Eat Cake! Here’s Half for You, Pinkie… …and Half for you, Ryan… It Looks Delicious! Here is […]


Ryan’s 5th Birthday Surprise!!!

  Ohhh!  Mommy–  Daddy–  What’s Happening? There’s Balloons!!!!! Surprise!  It’s your Birthday!!  Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! Oh– Ryan, Look at All your Presents! Wow!  Cool! Mommy– Will you Tie this Pretty Yellow Balloon to my Wrist– Please? O.K., Ryan… Can you Please Tie the Blue Balloon on Too??? Sure, Ryan… here you Go… Ohhhh!! Ohhhhhhh!! Uh– […]


Pinkie Has a Birthday!

It’s Early– Very Early– but Pinkie is Wide-Awake for her Birthday A Birthday Cup Cake for Breakfast!  Yum!!!  Thanks Mommy!  Thanks Daddy! Her Birthday Cup Cake is the Prettiest she has Ever Seen! …and Just Look at these Prettily Wrapped Gifts!   Ryan is Invited to Pinkie’s Birthday Party… …but Stay Far Away from my […]


Watch Out for that Crack!

Look, Mommy!  I’m trying-out my Birthday Roller Skates, Mommy! Oh– Ryan!  Watch out for that Crack!   Whoa!!! Ohhh! (Whump!!!) (Ooff!) …ooaahhhh?! …uhhhh!? What happened? You O.K., Ryan???   Yeah, Mommy.  Just a Little Surprised. Well, get up and Try Again…  …just watch out for that Crack, Ryan!!!  


Ryan’s 3rd Birthday

Good morning, Ryan! Wake up – today is a Very Special day. What’s Special about today, Daddy? It’s your Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ryan! Oh, Daddy! Oh, Mommy! I’m Surprised! Yummy! I never get Cupcakes and Ice Cream for Breakfast. Everything is Delicious! –And my plate has a Duckie on it! Oh, thank you for this […]