Hi, I’m Ryan.
I am a little bear and I have a fun life.
Mommy and Daddy love me and take me everywhere.
My left foot does not work so well, but I can do a lot.
My Birthday is Aug 16th. My favorite things are bear hugs, playing, rubber duckies, hiking, pretty birds, pretty bugs, being outside, traveling, and yummy food.
I am happy to meet you. Let’s play!
Oh-! Now I have a Sister. Pinkie. She’s Nice.
Find out how Ryan
came to live with humans.
Broadening Children’s Horizons through the World of Play. 

We at ‘Life of Ryan’ are committed to exposing children to Experiences and Adventures that they might never be able to encounter in their own lives.

Kids are often limited in their world-view by their geographic location, their parents’ scope of interests and knowledge, and lastly, simply limited in the scope of their thinking by Not Knowing all that is available in this wide world.

Let Ryan, and his sister Pinkie, expose your child to New and Exciting Possibilities through their Adventures.

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